Tejarat Bank is one of the biggest and oldest commercial banks in Iran. To execute the Banks Nationalization Act approved in 1979 and subsequently in the execution of the bank's integration; integrating Bank Bazargani, five domestic commercial banks, and six previous multi-nationality banks which were active in international and domestic fields, BANK TEJARAT (which means Trade Bank in Persian) was established. Today Tejarat bank has more than 3000 branches all around the country as well as overseas branches at Paris, London, Hamburg, Dubai, Beijing, etc.


In the Iranian banking sector, Saman is known as an innovative and dynamic brand. Saman has pioneered electronic banking, fundamentally changed customer service approach and recorded exceptional achievements which made it known as a unique brand.

To create a sustainable competitive advantage, Saman initiated strategic transformations in 2010. These infrastructural and strategic changes were gradually stabilized during 2011/12 and 2012/13. Consequently, the identity, culture, and discourse of customer relations shifted dramatically to establish a more customer-oriented approach. At the same time, the project to transform and reshape the visual image of the bank has also been initiated. This second project strove to make the earlier structural and strategic changes more tangible, more acceptable, and more pleasant to customers,

Results of this transformation included reviewing the bank’s slogan, logo and redesigning Saman’s branch offices in order to create a reassuring space for offering services with speed and convenience. Thanks to those efforts, Saman became the favorite brand among different groups of target customers.



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