Advantages of Advisory Services

In general, the merits of services presented by head of advisory in order to manage assets and wealth have been classified as follows:

Advisory on buying and selling stocks as well as bonds in Iran not only based on fundamental analysis but also technical one.

We analyze financial and not financial historical data to achieve our purpose to gain the most to our customers. Moreover, it would sound necessary to set and develop a wide variety of strategies accompany with monitoring market trends daily. Furthermore, we have to be familiar with every company to predict its future income statement till finally to estimate companies’ Earning Per Share.

However, fundamental analysis takes a pivotal role in decision making, it is not all the story, we need technical analysis. To make a long-story short, technical analysis provides us with the opportunity to clear our vision about the future and to find the best time whether purchase or sell a stock.

Lacking of expert analysts could mean that addressing best selection is beyond reach. That’s why Kardan Investment Bank tries to find the most profession employers in every field of work. By this way, we apply a wide variety of resources of knowledge and experience belonged to highly qualified human resource specialist in investing. 

Types of financial assets

Types of securities or financial assets that will be advised by portfolio manager in the interest of the customer as well as in accordance with the goals, principles and limits of each one in the exclusive portfolios:

o All securities and bonds listed in the Stock Market

o All securities and bonds which not be listed in the Stock Market

o Valuation of all securities and bonds

Asset Management Fees

Asset management’s service would be negotiable, by this way, the fee is different case by case.

Commercial relationships

Kardan portfolio management does not have an important commercial relationship with the others. (Such as an agreement with one or more brokers for trading securities in the name of customers through them.)

Income and benefits from Advisory Services

The benefits consist of the payment of the consultant's fee and the agreed amount between the client and the advisor for the advice services.

It should be noted that any other interests arising from investment advisory provided by the consultant would not be allowed to any other people or institutions.

Controlling conflicts of interest between Advisory services and customers

Generally, the conflict of interest in investment consulting company is divided into three parts:

1-Conflict of interest in investment advisory: Decision making either to purchasing or selling stock would be taken by the investment committee which is hold regularly. As investors will inform in step by step of analysis process, therefore, there is no conflict of interest to them.


2- Conflict of interest in IPO: There is no source of conflict of interest according to the nature of the IPO activity in the field of financial services. The only source of it lies in the fact that abuse of information arises. But, as a matter of fact, it would not be possible due to supervisory authority accompanied with commitment and conscientiousness of the personnel in the investment advisory section.


3- Conflict of interest in portfolio management: The mechanism of portfolio management in Kardan Investment Bank has been defined in the way to minimize the conflict of interest, because Kardan Investment Bank tries to optimize the profit of portfolios which are managed by the company in the maximum rate according to the type of contracts between the investment advisor and the customers.

Valuation Experiences

Boushehr Petrochemical
Tabriz Petrochemical
Iran Chemical Industry Investment Company
Industrial & Mine Leasing
Industrial & Mine Investment Company
Atiyeh Damavand Investment Company
Khouzestan Oxin Steel
National Investment Company of Iran (NICI)
Ghaen Cement
Khouzestan Cement
Mazandaran Cement
Mehr Asl Mine

Advisory Experiences

Vara Negar Consulting Group
Koushan Pharmed Company


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